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21st July 2024 
FAQ. balance

Do I have to remove my clothes for any of the treatments?

No, all of the treatments are performed fully clothed.
Reflexology will involve you removing your socks only.

How many treatments will I need?

This depends on the individual and the specific problem/ condition. Holistic treatments are not a quick fix, remember that we are not merely treating symptoms, we are aiming to get down to the root of the problem, correct it and help the body to improve and heal naturally.
We liken Holistic treatment to removing onion layers, gradually, some onions are bigger than others!
Three to six sessions are average, some people, once improved, prefer to attend regularly to maintain their balance.

How will I feel after the treatment?

This can vary with the individual. Any holistic treatment can make you feel relaxed, sometimes tired, needing to sleep, sometimes energised and raring to go. There is always the possibility of what we call ' a healing crisis' when you may feel a little out of sorts for 24 hours. You may feel a little tender to the areas where we have rubbed.
These are all normal, you may feel instantly or gradually better as time moves on. These are all signs of physical, emotional and energetical shift. It is important after your treatment to drink lots of water, avoid alcohol and heavy meals, and relax.

I have a history of cancer, or a chronic condition, is it safe for me to have a treatment?

I will always suggest that if you have, or have had any Medical condition or diagnosis, that you discuss with your GP or Oncologist your intentions of having complementary health sessions. Some Doctors are very amenable to patients having additional help with their healing. I will only proceed with certain techniques as I deem safe to do so.

Do you have disabled access?

Unfortunately I do not but please contact me to see if we can make some sort of arrangement.