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02nd March 2024 
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How are you feeling?

Do you suffer from 'not feeling right'?
Feeling 'tired all of the time'?
Unexplainable, unresolving aches and pains?
Have all of your blood tests and medical investigations concluded that everything is 'normal'?
Do you feel like people around you do not believe you even have these symptoms?
Would you like to get to the root of your problem, and work with me to try to correct it, rather than just treating the symptoms?
Do you just want to feel well? More balanced? Less affected by stress?

Home. balance

Is the answer yes?

If the answer is yes to any of the questions above, then you may benefit from some or a combination of Kinesiology, Reflexology and /or Reiki. These are all, non invasive treatments that I, Wendy Graham, can offer from my home in Bamburgh, Northumberland. My aim is for us to work together to improve your health, naturally, to encourage the body to do what it was designed to do, self heal, and it can, given the correct tools and actions for the job.

When you or your body is out of balance, whether it is due to stress, trauma, food sensitivities or vitamin or mineral deficiencies, then your body processes can slow down, they may not function as well, causing a multitude of physical and/or emotional symptoms.

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Allow me to help you to increase your wellbeing with Kinesiology, Reflexology or Reiki in Bamburgh, near Alnwick in Northumberland.

My holistic wellbeing practice is based in Bamburgh, a pretty seaside village, in the North East of England, near the infamous Bamburgh Castle, St.Cuthbert's Way and Holy Island. It is easily accessible, 10 minutes off the A1 in Northumberland, taking the turn off at the Purdy Lodge. It is 20 minutes north of Alnwick, 20 minutes south of Berwick Upon Tweed.
I am very passionate about the treatments I offer, and the positive results that can be achieved. My own personal experience of these treatments motivated me to train in Reiki and as a Reflexologist in Northumberland. I then trained as a Kinesiologist with TASK (The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology) in London.

The benefits of treatments from an Holistic Practitioner through Kinesiology, Reflexology or Reiki is that we do not treat parts of the body individually, we treat it as a whole, we know that if one area is out of balance it may show up as a symptom elsewhere. We also appreciate that it is important to not only treat the physical symptoms but to also look at emotions, energies and nutrition which can be a massive contributor.